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>> good afternoon chairman nolan. my name is corey -- i am a cab driver. last time we had an important monday night football game. i work those games and special events; that's how we make money on the slow monday night; it is frustrating. about five towne cars, a few taxis. we get in on -- a big line of buses. [indiscernible] we sat there in gridlock -- you have probably 400-500 people after again did want to go home.
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we were instructed to not pick up anyone on the line or you will get a ticket. i had to tell a few drunk people now. if you like to go into a combat situation to service the public. we want to figure this out. either sfpd or everyone involved, it will not have black towne cars using that road, have to have other access. we have buses with people holding on. they stand. at the cab driver, it is frustrating.
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>> herbert weiner. why does muni have such a crime rate? because it gets away with murder. [indiscernible] requires physically disabled people to walk quarter of a mile. they ignore the obvious. more buses, more drivers. they propose extravagant solutions. mta is a bully agency the tax taxidrivers, parking meters in the physically frail. if muni passengers a lucky
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those taking the bus today are lucky if they are home by christmas. i had to acquaint this board with muni etiquette. when you say to someone i will see you in hell, it means i will see you in a muni bus. >> chairman nolan: next speaker plesae. >> commissioners thank you for letting me speak again. of the record i'm emile lawrence [sounds like]. i want to see what we see the mta is missing by a long mile. technology is superseding your medallions. if you look at the industry in london, they have to separate systems. they have -- taxis and taxes
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that pick up people on the street which are black cabs. taxis by telephone operate without any license. people can drive their own car or limousine by filing apps by people like hoover -- what i see is a collapse of your medallion prices coming up in the horizon, defaults from drivers, etc. the industry technologically is the preceding your ability to cope with it. i bring that to your attention because over the past six years or so, on the only taxi driver
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on the super service directory and i was kicked off for [indiscernible] because he did not like my personality or vocal ability all what i had to say about him or the administration. i bring it to your attention that you're basically phasing out the whole cabin the street right now with these medallions because it would not need them in five years; they don't need that now to make money. >> chairman nolan: next speaker please. >> good afternoon directors. i want to point out that chris hyoshi is back full-time in her job. the e-mails coming in, better notification of meetings. it would be great if paul
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rhodes, because he sent public notifications of meetings. [indiscernible] maybe even a front-page announcement was in a while. we did once. thank you mr. reiskin, but it is not happening on a regular basis. so it is great that she has returned. the problem is, her staff is not attending meetings regarding taxi issues which also relates to passenger service. i want to relate to corey lamb, jarvis is not returning phone calls, answering the phone, e-mail. i work with him regarding the issue of service of major events, particularly 49er games. the supposed higher extra
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security police to help deal with the illegal operations but it is not happening. let the whole thing go. he won't answer his phone. this has to do with legal pickups of the ballpark. i had talk mr. murray about hiring these extra people. it is almost the end of november. they are not hired yet. wtf. why are you taking the time dealing with it? promises and promises. you should the man at the next meeting to get a report. thank you. >> chairman nolan: next speaker. >> jean clark. peter webb. tarik mahmoud [sounds like]
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>> being the first you're often ridiculed or called nuts. the untainted survey i submitted exposes packet service for what it is, broken. history has prevented a qualified review my survey. but, time out -- can you hear me okay? history has prevented a qualified review of simple math
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political or financial interest, take precedence. mta has gone while but using unfair business practices. -- my office and taxi staff will work closely in researching the concept of central dispatching using gps. that was gavin newsome, feb. 13, 2007. the same day commissioner heinicke recommended 75 peak-time medallions and 25 regular service medallions. in 2006, the bumps in the road were clear. that is me a and my survey, the examiner.
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61% of the customers surveyed used dispatch. 2006, 49%. guess what, the mta cliff is clear now, the bubble has burst. [indiscernible] these is the publicity that we have been getting. >> chairman nolan: next speaker. [indiscernible] >> good afternoon directors. malik mahmoud. phnd [sounds like] on a $7 ride, we used to get $2, $3 in cash.
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$3 is more than 40%. when using the credit card machines, giving us $1, $1.50. i am preparing a document that i will send you in a couple of days with my original seats from my cab, it will show you that the tipping from them is less than 20%. on a cash basis we used to get much more. tipping has gone down for the credit card issue. 200 more cabs came in. we are losing money. the drivers' income is constantly downward. yellow cab already opened their own app; [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] that's the way to do this for so many years that hoover got int. and that's how they were doing it now. we need one mta app, to show to the public where it are the cabs. didn't have to dial yellow; if you want to defeat [indiscernible] this is the only way. please, we need one app, and in every bus there should be a big sign, get on this app if you want a cab.
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>> -- they're going after uber because they don't have a limousine license. this is a threat not only to every cab driver is a threat to your own regulatory system. if you cannot see that something is missing.
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when you express concern for cabdrivers in the light of what you are doing it is an awfully hollow ring. you took 1000 cab drivers and push them out the door. the driver fund. you have cut almost all money out of the driver fund. the only thing that it will get at this point or anytime in the near future is $100 a month of the medallions being leased to cap companies, somewhere aruond $25 dollars per driver; it won't buy healthcare. do something real about the
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driver fund. >> chairman nolan: next speaker. >> first time here. i have been driving a cab for 17 years. one thing that bothers me so much the -- [indiscernible] they take my business. [indiscernible] >> chairman nolan: next speaker please? >> i was in the office in my company talking about these alternative vehicles and where the driver said to me, and we are like a third world country,
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everybody gets in their car and picks people up. if the tax industry goes away, who serves the disabled community? do you think uber will do that? i don't think so. how about people that don't have a smart phone? you are not allowed us to compete. the cab companies are not allowing us to compete. uber is hiring drivers with the app. people are independent contractors but it should be able to use any app they want; we need a universal app engine
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need help us do this, help us get the tools to compete with these people. if you read the article yesterday, the comments, the public hates taxis, they hate the tv screens in back, they hate the mta, the puc, drivers refuse to take them to the sunset, refuse to take credit cards. where is the enforcement? why are you allowing companies to block our dispatch systems. we need the -- this is model because that's what they want. we have to have taxis, insurance, regulation. by the way, willie brown -- how many endorsements from the labor council did you get? shame on you.
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[indiscernible] >> secretary boomer: last person who turned in the speaker card. >> i'm speaking on behalf of my son. he was born, raised, educated, discriminated, and hated like a nigger in his lifetime. his name was excluded [indiscernible] he graduated from an academic high school; he has a degree from san jose state, currently
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working as a computer analyst. i still would like for him to be an owner of a cab. i put a book which i used 35 years ago. is transnational legal problems, the exclusion act, [indiscernible] whereby a chinese citizen who went to china and came back was denied entry. and was excluded. similar to what is happening to my son. the court reversed the decision about immigration people. currently, [indiscernible] was allowed entry; he was also born in the united states. i find similarity in the case
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of my son. his name is joseph basetta [sounds like] last name. i will bring a copy of the decision by the court, united states against [indiscernible]. i will provide the commentaries and decisions. >> secretary boomer: last person, bill [indiscernible] >> last but not lest. first of all i'd like to say, -- she came to the last taxi panel, a great thing for us to have somebody come. f you should all come.
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to find out more about the cab industry. i would like to know why the cab companies got 250 taxi cab medallions at below market rate, and i got none, being on the list. i would love to know the reason. the reason why the people who do not put their name on the list, who have been longtime cabdrivers, why they got a medallion. i would love to have one of those medallions, but i never got one. because of give them away to those people. i am perplexed about that. i really am. mr. heinicke, i don't hate you. i like you as a person. i don't like you as a board member.
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>> secretary boomer: that's the last person. >> mr. lamb made a comment about how in certain businesses you go into an credit cards are only good like at $10. the comment was interesting to me. have we consider that at all? >> i believe that one or more of the times when the issued credit cards this came up, suggested in public comment, a $10 minimum. the idea has come up, in the board's purview to do. >> the other thing, talking about the 49er games --
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>> i made a note about too. >> we have two more games. and the playoffs and super bowl. i am interested in hearing back. and the notion of universal app, have we looked into that at all? >> it relates to item 13 . yes. >> chairman nolan: thank you for the public comment. consent calendar. >> [indiscernible] >> chairman nolan: motion, second. all those in favor? aye. >> item 13, amending transportation code section, 1109, 1109, 113, 1114,
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to extend the deadline for implementation of electronic trip data and backseat passenger information. >> director -- >> chairman nolan: -- how does the universal app fit into this? >> we have issued a uniform solicitation rfi for the development of the system that will pull real-time information from all the dispatch services that will basically provide the framework for the creation of a universal app so that just as members of the public have said, people through an app, developed by third-party, would have his ability into all the taxis out there. i concur wholly but that is something absolutely needed, probably the single most
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important thing we need to do to strengthen our taxi industry. we have issued that rfi; responses were due on november 30th, we may have extended that a bit. the belief is that based on the information that we get, we may alter the requirement that we have for electronic data, the current deadline for which is december 31. we are requesting your authorization to extend the deadline for the collection of electronic data by two months, so we have an opportunity to refine what we have asked for. similarly extension for the same two months for the backseat monitors because we have not completed developing the standards for which the monitors need to apply. it's really a two-month extension. it doves tail with the
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structure that we are working to develop, creating the space for those apps to be developed. is extremely important. c>> and the rfi look like dispatch information, but the information we are in looking is not just the dispatch center but the gps so we know where the cabs are. we are going from a bottleneck at the dispatch center, formerly with the phone, and upgraded with some degree by texting and apps, to a system where we know where all the cabs are, it will require regulatory changes. it is being done because director reiskin and staff are
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requesting information for more major and significant change. since i'm going -- let me say this, -- i think the transition from prop k to a leased medallion systems complete. it was painful. i appreciate people showing up and telling us their personal stories. it affected how we did things. we now have a pretty robust a transition system that will get us 300 people down the list. there are people bitter about the transition. there are people in the room that i respect very much that thinkg that prop k is a better way to go.
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the next challenge is how to address commissioner maguires points? how do we regulate the service? it will benefit the customers and drivers by revitalizing the industry getting a lot of money back into it. there are lots of things that we can do. i will take this time to say, at our next board retreat i would like to dedicate time to taxis. it has taken us a long time to make the regulatory changes that we make today in a few meetings and now we are poised to make service changes. i councilman director reiskin to conclude this early in his term; there are a lot of things that can be done ranging from the proposal to close market street so the cabs can have a corridor that can use to a -- ranging to stealing from some of the best ideas from uber which we had before but we did not have before such as dispatch
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premiums so when the driver picks up a call they get paid for the time spent dead-heading to a house. and bring it full circle to this item, some sort of dispatch system that brings us into line with what they're doing. i will tell you, the reason uber is successful is not because the lincoln town cars. they are reliable. now that we have a new medallions is in place, i applaud this, this is a technical step to much bigger step and i urge the board to change its focus to this. this is what we need to do not to help this industry. >> chairman nolan: this is an excellent suggestion about the retreat, jan. 29. i want to say publicly thank you director heinicke for your leadership; a lot of thi

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